Lemuria Rising, a Light to the World, a Hope for Humanity, a Blessing to the Earth

Lemuria Rising is the first Earth Vision Center. It is a living library of the advances of our time set in a pristine natural environment. Lemuria Rising is an experience and testimony of Conscious Living. It is a hope to the world, showing humanity a way to live in harmony with nature while utilizing advances in every field. It is a place to come and be healed, to be renewed and restored. It is a place to gather for timely instructions and trainings. It is a place to come apart and join with a Community of Light who are realizing their full potential and gifting the world at a critical time on Earth. It is a place of Destiny…. where many join together in a shared Vision that births exciting creative projects and potentials. It is a place to be free, to follow your Inner Guidance unfailingly, and to actualize your fullest creative expression in the world of form. In the 21st century, Lemuria Rising is the place to be! The first of many Earth Vision Centers worldwide, this Divinely Inspired project calls to hearts around the globe who share a similar Vision, and to sponsors who believe that together we can make a difference!