908f34c3-2720-45f6-a89c-6bc605f54557_PMASEarth Vision Center Design

A glistening white domed temple-like building, with ancient looking marble pillars, overlooks a lush tropical property that runs from the mountain down to the ocean. A glorious resemblance to an ancient Lemurian Temple, the Temple of Sacred Alchemy stands majestically within a spectacular background. Glistening in the sun, it is a place that draws souls from around the world for Soul Advancement through its many courses, Total Life Transformation programs, and Sacred Alchemist Trainings.

Further down, tucked away in a private cove, a unique white domed building glistens in the sun, a place of healing and retreat beside the ocean. The Institute of Advanced Healing is a place to come for a Total Life Transformation within a healing and learning environment. Nearby, bordered by lush tropical rain forest, a palatial building of similar design provides lodging at a world class healing spa, as well as ongoing conferences, seminars and trainings.

This beautiful nature paradise has tall trees that lend a sense of privacy and peace to rolling open meadows, white sand beaches set beside warm turquoise waters, and private coves. This is nature at its most spectacular and serene. Down a silent pathway, three white buildings with domes sit overlooking the ocean, a place where transformational multimedia productions are ongoing, as highly creative individuals at AEOS bring forth an exquisite array of inspired music, books and films.

Lush gardens powered by Sonic Bloom and other advanced technologies serve the Center with healing herbs and plants, organic spices, a wide array of vegetables, nuts, legumes and berries, while coconut groves and orchards provide a unique assortment of fresh fruits. Beautiful ponds hold our fish farms. Advanced technologies power our electricity, soil replension systems assist in our high yield of healthful products, and our Hydrogen Activation Water Purification systems add to the youthful vitality of everyone at our Center.

Our Earth Vision Center is a living library of the advances of our time. Our programs assist individuals worldwide to become conscious stewards of the Earth as well as adopt a nobler Way of Life. At Lemuria Rising, we are living the life that is birthing a new more enlightened era. We are the future in the here and now! And, we are the change that humanity forever has waited for.

Sunlight pours into this pristine nature wonderland, while tall jagged peaks rise gracefully from the sea beside miles of white sand beach. This is a place where dreams come true, where the standard of living is high, and where nature is at its most spectacular. A place of supreme and majestic beauty that allows individuals to come apart from the world and find the Peace that is their True Nature. Joining in a collaborative effort of great merit and worth, Lemuria Rising is paving the way for an awakening humanity.

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