Earth Vision Foundation

The Earth Vision Foundation was founded in 1994 to bring awareness to our precious planet and to inspire individuals worldwide to become wise stewards of the Earth. It is the sponsor of the Earth Vision Center Project, a vast humanitarian endeavor dedicated to the Advancement of Humanity into an Age of Freedom, Enlightenment and Peace. The Earth Vision Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.

Inspired by a series of inspired visions beginning in 1990, pioneering doctor, Aurora Julana Ariel PhD came to realize she had been encoded with a template for humanity essential for the Coming Times. The vision that had been transferred to her included 12 Earth Vision Centers in key positions around the planet, each fulfilling its unique destiny, transferring new archetypes, advanced healing modalities and technologies, as well as honoring the wisdom from indigenous cultures to the surrounding areas. In this way, a new vision for humanity could be quickly downloaded that could create a dramatic leap in planetary evolution with humanity fulfilling its highest destiny.

Dr. Ariel did extensive research over many years, creating a comprehensive business plan to give form to this powerful vision. Presently, Dr. Ariel is seeking property in the South Pacific to bring forth the first Earth Vision Center, Lemuria Rising. A host of strategic alliances, including pioneers in the different fields, are needed to work on this project. If you have an advanced technology, invention, healing modality, or business for positive planetary change and would like to be a part of our Earth Vision Alliance, Please Email Us.

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