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The Earth Vision Foundation Provides Golden Opportunities for
Rapid Soul Acceleration & Advancement at Sacred & Historical Sites around the World

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Our trainings, retreats and tours take place in the most glorious ancient and spectacular sites in the world. Always a Sacred Destiny unfoldment, participants emerge from the Alchemical Crysalis completely transfigured. Personal healings and transformative experiences help you step into your Authentic Power take place daily. Clearings of lands and histories, activation of ancient temples, records and sites, anchoring Divine Templates for the New World and more are part of the Grand Adventure on each Sacred Journey. Participants are assisted in fulfilling their greater potential and bringing out their unique offerings to help create a better world. Through our journeys to many lands and experiencing diverse cultures and ways of life past and present, individuals are brought into a greater awareness of the intrinsic value of each person and how important they are to our world. Unity within individuality, cooperaation within diversity enables people worldwide to come together under a common vision and to work towards a more enlightened future.

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