Lemuria Rising is a step into the future. A place where souls come for a Total Life Transformation, emerging their fuller potential selves. Complete with an Institute for Advanced Healing, Eco Hotel and Spa, Conferencing Center, and State of the Art Multimedia Studios, this first Earth Vision Center, powered by Advanced Technologies, showcases the best from our world from both ancient and modern traditions in healing arts, inventions, and more.

This is a place where New Archetypes for the New Millennium are displayed in business management and personal relations. One of its unique themes is 'Individuality Within A Cooperative Effort,' where like-minded individuals who not only participate as owners of their respective business centers, they also sit on the governing board that oversees the businesses in the center.

The business centers at Lemuria Rising are designed to complement our Vision and intention of helping facilitate the Advancement of Humanity into an Age of Freedom, Enlightenment and Peace. A keynote of our Center is Personal and Planetary Transformation, which is facilitated through global conferences, transformational media, seminars, workshops, trainings, healing sessions, and more.

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